Last News

  • Belgian Polka release today !

    Jour de sortie pour Belgian Polka !

    16 octobre 2019
  • Calcuchi 2019 is there !

    Calcuchi 2019 est dispo !!

    9 octobre 2019
  • Libertad release today !

    Libertad sort aujourd'hui !

    2 octobre 2019
  • Balkanski is out !

    Nouvelle sortie : Balkanski !

    25 septembre 2019
  • Balkan Madness

    Nouveau DJ set !

    18 septembre 2019
  • Back To Balkans – DJ set out !

    Le 1er DJ set de Back To Balkans est dispo !

    11 septembre 2019
  • Back to Balkans : the program

    Découvrez le programme de Back to Balkans !

    4 septembre 2019
  • the Drunk’s Tales (EP) is out !

    Le nouvel EP est sorti !

    10 mai 2019
  • Fortnite cover out !

    Ma reprise de Fortnite est sortie !

    18 avril 2019
  • Prohibition Radio Show

    Nouveau Dj set pour le Prohibition Radio Show

    19 mars 2019
  • Fortnite piano

    Midi & wav piano tracks from Fortnite

    12 janvier 2019
  • what’s up ?

    Quoi de neuf ?

    23 novembre 2018
  • Fatboy Swing

    Fatboy Swing est maintenant sur youtube !

    3 mai 2018
  • Black Betty is out !

    Black Betty est enfin dispo !

    9 mars 2018
  • Vlog #4 : Plzen !

    Vis ma vie de DJ dans une nouvelle vidéo !

    11 janvier 2018
  • Bambino : 2nd video !

    La 2e vidéo de Bambino est là !

    25 octobre 2017
  • Bambino : official video-clip

    Le clip officiel est sorti !

    24 octobre 2017
  • vlog: Bambino is out!

    Bambino sort aujourd'hui ! Toutes les infos en vidéo !

    23 octobre 2017
  • vlog : Bambino

    Bambino arrive !

    16 octobre 2017
  • Best of Week

    Une semaine de Best-of !

    6 octobre 2017
  • new studio !

    Mon nouveau studio est là !

    22 août 2017
  • Mix & Thé 2017

    Fêtons la sortie du film Dunkirk !

    8 juillet 2017
  • Music Fest

    Tout sur ma présence à la fête de la musique

    18 juin 2017
  • Spring Gigs

    4 nouvelles dates pour le printemps

    29 mars 2017
  • fatboy swing

    Tu veux de l'electroswing à base de grosses basses pour tester tes enceintes ? écoute ça !

    12 mars 2017
  • Smoothie Swing !

    Sers-toi un smoothie, lance le mix, et keep da smile !

    15 février 2017
  • Winter sales : last weeks !

    Dernières semaines de soldes !

    25 janvier 2017
  • French winter sales !

    C'est l'heure des soldes d'hiver ! -30% sur l'album CD Manouche !

    15 janvier 2017
  • J’veux du soleil remix is out !

    La version française de mon remix de "j'veux du soleil" est sortie !

    24 décembre 2016
  • I want the sun Remix is out !

    Mon remix de "j'veux du soleil" est sorti !

    10 décembre 2016
  • Christmas Discount

    50% de promo sur Manouche !

    23 novembre 2016
  • new logo for 2017

    C'est le moment de dévoiler le nouveau logo de vassili gemini !

    26 octobre 2016
  • Back on Electroswing Revolution Radio

    C'est l'heure du retour sur Electroswing Revolution Radio !

    15 octobre 2016
  • new radio residency

    nouvelle résidence radio !

    1 octobre 2016
  • New video-clip !

    Nouveau clip vidéo !

    20 juillet 2016
  • Manouche is out on digital

    Manouche est dispo en téléchargement !

    11 juillet 2016
  • 2 videos for Manouche

    les 2 premières vidéos de Manouche sont sorties !

    27 juin 2016
  • Manouche is out !

    Manouche est enfin sorti !

    15 juin 2016
  • Manouche release dates !

    Dates de sortie de Manouche !

    1 juin 2016
  • Manouche cover & tracklist

    Découvrez la pochette de l'album !

    23 mai 2016
  • Czech Tour photos

    Photos from ElectroSwing River Prague and ElectroSwing Plzen

    17 mai 2016
  • Manouche – remixes

    Annonce des remixes pour l'album !

    5 avril 2016
  • Manouche Tour – new dates

    Nouvelles dates pour le Manouche Tour !

    11 mars 2016
  • Welcome on vassiligemini.com !

    Bienvenue sur vassiligemini.com !

    19 février 2016
  • New Free Download !

    Nouveau téléchargement gratuit !

    19 février 2016
  • Album release tour

    it's time to book vassili gemini !

    19 février 2016
  • New album !

    "Manouche" is almost ready :)

    19 février 2016


DJ, producteur et remixeur, Vassili Gemini casse les codes stylistiques en mélangeant à sa guise les sonorités : le rétro, le burlesque et les cuivres se conjuguent ainsi aux tempo electro les plus variés, allant du balkan-beat à la drum’n’bass en passant par la house. Reconnu par ses pairs pour son travail en electro-swing, il s’est produit, entre autres, au Moulin Rouge, à Ibiza, Berlin, Londres, Prague… et dans tous les bons tripots sombres que compte le vieux continent.

DJ, producer and remixer, Vassili Gemini breaks the stylistic codes by mixing the sounds as he feels : retro, burlesque and brass are combined with electro tempo, going from balkan-beats to drum’n’bass through house. Recognized by his peers for his work in electro-swing, he has performed, among others, at the Moulin Rouge, Ibiza, Berlin, London, Prague… and in all the good dark venues of the old continent.


Ancien résident sur Contact (radio FM) et Electroswing Revolution Radio, vassili gemini propose un DJ-set à dominante swing-house ou balkan, entrecoupé de changements de rythmes à base de charleston, breakbeat voir drum’n’bass. Ses influences gypsy et latino et l’énergie puisée dans le public font de ses sets des moments uniques.

Former resident on Contact (FM radio) and Electroswing Revolution Radio, vassili gemini offers a DJ-set in swing-house or balkan dominant, interspersed with changes of rhythm with Charleston, breakbeat or drum’n’bass. His Latin and Gypsy influences and the energy drawn from the crowd make his sets priceless.


  • belgian polka

    Belgian Polka

    Belgian Polka is a live-inspired track with a repetitive accordion gimmick, surrounded by other instruments playing and answering together. Its structure is perfect for Balkan events, and the drum'n'bass remix by Fat King Cole is perfect to blow your speakers !

    download album

  • by vassili gemini

    Calcuchi 2019

    3rd single of the "Back To Balkans" series, Calcuchi 2019 is a reworked version of a very old unreleased track by Vassili. With powerfull brass patterns on a 4 to the floor beat, it mixes clubbing energy with a point of nostalgia !

    download album

  • Libertad, by vassili gemini


    2nd single of the "Back To Balkans" series, Libertad is a mix between middle-orient and northern african vibes, with brass instruments in the background.

    download album

  • vassili gemini balkanski


    First single of the "Back To Balkans" series, Balkanski is a 155bpm dancing electro-balkan track. It comes from Vassili's travels to Czech Republic, Slovakia, Malta and from the spirit of Balkan Parties he did as a DJ.

    download album

  • drunk's tales

    the drunk's tales

    Vassili Gemini explores 3 moments of a drunk's life in this EP, from the outside of a pub to the sadness of alone mornings, and also from the point of vue of a drunk's wife !

    download album

  • black-betty 2

    Black Betty (EP)

    A cover of the famous inter-style song in a swing-house style, based on an efficient beat / bass duo and old piano set, tested and improved in live since almost 2 years and already supported by some of the best electroswing deejays !

    download album

  • vassili gemini - Bambino 1000

    Bambino (EP)

    I present you an official cover of the famous italian/french song Bambino! As usual, I worked with international talents: Gilda (It), Lucy (UK), bart&Baker (Fr), DJ Mibor (Sp) and Samsam (Be) for an amazing package full of swing and electro ;)

    download album

  • cover-little

    J'veux du soleil (vassili gemini remix)

    I'm very proud and happy to present you the second version of my remix of "J'veux du soleil", by the french band "au p'tit bonheur" !
    This version is in french, with the voice of the original singer of "au p'tit bonheur", and is available in "pay what you want" exclusively on bandcamp !

    download album

  • 15400483_10154638644292597_2534623564273354665_n

    I want the sun (vassili gemini remix)

    I'm very proud and happy to present you my new remix of "J'veux du soleil", by the french band "au p'tit bonheur" !
    Very proud and happy because I wanted to do it since many years, and it was a great pleasure to work with Bart and Baker​ and Nicolle Rochelle​. Pleasure instead of business, that's how I see things, and I had a lot of pleasure on this one, so I hope you will enjoy it !

    download album

  • cover72x1000


    "Manouche" is an electro / gypsy / swing album. As usual, vassili surrounded himself by great international singers and remixers : Anduze (singer of Parov Stelar), Hela (former singer of Kiss me yesterday), Ashley Slater (the Hip from Kitten & the hip), Paul Diello, but also DJ Mibor, Pep's Show Boys, the Swing Bot, Groovy Joy and Nikola Vujicic, so from France to USA, passing by Austria, Serbia, Germany, Belgium, England and Spain !

    download album

  • artwork

    Tribute to Max Raabe

    As a tribute to Max Raabe's work, I did a bouncing medley of some of his famous covers : Britney Spears, Manu Chao, Queen, Tainted Love, Lady Marmelade... in his vintage style, reworked for clubs and electro swing parties !

    **This medley is not official**

    download album

  • artwork

    Mahna Mahna (Mais non Mais non)

    Here's a remix I wanted to do since a long time : the famous "mahna mahna" from the Muppets !!
    In France, it's also famous since Henri Salvador turned it into "mais non mais non !".

    Radio and Extented edits are available in free download !

    download album

  • dolores1

    Dolores (vassili gemini remix) EP

    Here's my last remix for the incredible french band Ginkgoa !
    Radio and extented edits are available in free download ;)

    download album

  • vassiligemini_penelope-cruz-ep_artworklittle

    P*n*lop* Cruz EP

    Mindful to be surrounded by other talent, Vassili Gemini has collaborated with the UK guy Anduze (who sang for Parov Stelar), the Canadian Franco Lamuerte and his banjo, the French singer De Saturn with his band, but also with leading electroswingers like DJ Mibor, The Swing Bot & Peps Show Boys to make this incredible EP.

    download album

  • coverFDL

    Rabbi Jacob (vassili gemini cover) EP

    I wanted to do a tribute to the incredible musics of the movie "rabbi jacob" since a long time, and all my travels in europe for DJing inspired me for a mix between styles and cultures.
    So here's my tribute to this movie, I expect that it will make you happy !

    Enjoy the free download ;)

    download album

  • artwork

    the difference vs la lettre

    I made the track "the difference" this summer, and then I understood that I used almost the same keys than the famous track of Renan Luce : la lettre. So I decided to do a bootleg between the two ;)
    Free download !

    download album

  • vg_remixes1800

    Remixes Album

    To thanks every people who helped him in 2013, vassili gemini presents this "remixes" album, offered as a christmas gift, with, inside, all his unreleased remixs of the year !
    Some aren't really new but there are also exclusive ones, like the remixes for Lamuzgueule, La Villa Ginette or Nikola Vujicic. There are also unofficial and demanded remixes to grab !

    download album

  • vassiligemini_jazzy-robot

    Jazzy robot EP

    A brand new EP in free download !
    Discover this new mix between Jazz and Electro made by vassili, with an exclusive dancing remix by one of the best german swingers : Mano Meter !

    download album

  • vassiligemini_ep_kinkin

    Kinkin EP

    To thanks all my followers I decided to share in free download this simple funny track I made a few weeks ago.
    It's a rework of a very famous popular song of the North of France, called "le p'tit quinquin", in "ch'ti" language. I used a version by Annie Gould I found on one of my grand'father's vinyls ^^
    There's also an other personnal story on this one, I tried to make it funny, clear and festive as Kinkin was...

    download album

  • vassili_gemini_pudding_ep

    Pudding EP

    This is 2 reworks of the famous song "le pudding à l'arsenic" from the cartoon "Astérix et Cléopâtre" !
    I hope you will like it, it's in free download !

    download album

  • swingmasEP_cover

    Swingmas EP

    Here's my gift to thanks everybody for the support this year.
    Those tracks are not in the best quality I can give but I know I won't rework them, so I prefer offer it in free download instead of delete them ;)
    Merry Christmas !

    download album

  • EP-stuck in a bar

    Stuck in a bar EP

    The original is a fresh mix between swing and party spirits and will put you in a light humor ;)
    I think you will also enjoy the remixs by the swing bot, c@ in the h@, kiwistar and more !

    download album

Tour dates

  • 25
    Essen (De)
    23:00 - 04:00




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